Weiss Ratings: Tron most likely grow in the near future

Today analysts at Weiss Ratings have pleased Tron holders with positive news. According to experts, altcoin has the most chances to grow from all the top 10 coins of our rating. In Weiss Ratings, before this, the project of Justin San was often criticized, but now it seems that the agency has changed its opinion in the opposite direction.

In the past, we could have been unflattering about Tron, but the project should be given its due – the TRX / USD trading pair now has the most potential for growth. The popularity of cryptocurrency can not be ignored.

Yes, earlier, analysts have indeed negatively characterized the prospects of Tron several times. Recall recently in the Weiss Ratings criticized the hiring of the TRX team of a former employee of the SEC. According to the agency, such a move was made only to “dispel the myth” about Tron scam. Justin Sana was also repeatedly accused of plagiarizing Ethereum and other projects.

Why buy Tron

Now TRX from the 8th place in the ranking separates only $ 200 million capitalization. Today, the coin is trading at $ 0.0228. Last week, only Tron showed at least some profitability among all the top cryptocurrencies.

Why is TRX worth of place in your crypto portfolio? Weiss Ratings cited four main reasons:

  • The coin is really popular and its community is very active on social networks;
  • BitTorrent tokensale (BTT) will come in just two days;
  • The first BTT airdrop will occur on February 11th. After that, TRX holders will receive BTT tokens every month until 2025;
  • Tron ecosystem is constantly updated with new decentralized applications and smart contracts.

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