EOS and Ethereum remain the first cryptocurrency in the Chinese government rating

According to the August rating of the best cryptocurrency from China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID), EOS and Ethereum retain their leading positions.

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Top cryptocurrency

According to the rating, EOS remains the best cryptocurrency for the third month in a row. Cryptocurrency received 158.7 points from rating compilers. This is better than in the past month, when the cryptocurrency received 145.6, but worse than the first time: then the estimate was 161.5.

Meanwhile, Ethereum retains second place: 139 points from reviewers, which is 3 points higher than a month ago. In third place with 111.3 points was Komodo, displacing Nebulas from the bronze step of the pedestal, dropping to fourth place. For Komodo, this is a great success, since last month the coin took only ninth place.

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, also shows progress. This time, the BTC was in tenth place, instead of the sixteenth, occupied in July.

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