Ethereum developers want to block ASIC miners

The ethereum development team decided to update one of the software platform elements, which will allow to block access of the ASIC miners to the cryptocurrency network.

The decision was taken during the conference, held in an online format with the participation of leading representatives of the Ethereum ecosystem. The negotiators decided to launch a new ProgPoW solution. If it is integrated into the ETH tokens mining system, then mining will continue to be carried out with minimal influence from ASIC miners, and all work will be done only using traditional equipment such as video cards.

Martin Holst Svende, a cryptocurrency project, said that updating the platform code would be the first step in the transition to the Proof-of-Stake algorithm.

He stressed:
I would like to update the code as soon as possible, which will give us extra time for more rapid integration of Roof-of-Stake

Another representative of the Ethereum Foundation team, Hudson Jameson, believes that the majority of developers already support the implementation of the ProgPoW solution.

However, the work on updating the code will not become part of the hardfork Constantinople, which is scheduled for mid-January 2019 in the network of the ethereum. The introduction of a new solution to limit the influence of ASIC miners can take several months.

Jameson stressed that the process of updating the code will be completed much faster if, at the testing stage of ProgPoW, developers do not find serious errors and other shortcomings.

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