Ethereum welcomes the alpha version of the network Raiden

There are many promising developments that can make Ethereum more versatile and reliable cryptocurrency project. Today, scaling remains its main problem, although this can be said about most digital assets. Raiden, one of the widely announced solutions, began to work on the Ethereum network. At least the Red Eyes release.

It has been a long time since the beginning of the crypto community actively discussed the Raiden network. Once the project was announced as a breakthrough for the Ethereum network in terms of development and scaling. It took several years to prepare the project for release. However, for the industry there is nothing unusual in this.

This week the Raiden Network finally got to the Ethereum network. This is the recently announced Red Eyes release in alpha testing. At the moment, there are some potential security issues that need to be addressed first.

The Raiden team notes that the current version is not even nearly ready for a full launch. Although alpha testing can give a lot of information to achieve this in the future. This is only the first version of the Raiden Network, and the final product may be very different from the Red Eyes release.

In the alpha version, users can start experimenting with smart contracts and the basic protocol. A special anti-bug campaign was also organized so that users can report any potential problems. The implementation of Ethereum-based payment channels is not an easy task.

Functions for testing include payment channels, the Matrix transport protocol for messaging, and the REST API for all functions. To access these features, users need to download the latest release of the Raiden Network and perform configuration steps.

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