Opera now has a built-in wallet Ethereum

Today the Opera browser for Android has been updated – “Web-3 ready”, which now has a cryptocurrency wallet embedded in it.

More about the wallet

By the way, the wallet was previously available in the beta version of the update. It supports Ethereum, all ERC-20 standard tokens and ERC-721 standard collection tokens (like CryptoKitties). You can also access any decentralized applications (dApps) on the Ethereum blockchain through the wallet.

“Up to this point, operations with cryptocurrency and access to Web 3 required the installation of special extensions, the use of which was complicated for the majority of users. The new update removes these obstacles, ”- commented Charles Hamel, product manager at Opera Crypto.

According to him, the update is no different from the beta version, but it works more stable and is now available to more users. The browser interface has also become more intuitive and understandable to the general public. Installing the wallet is done in two steps and does not require knowledge of specific terms.

Why Ethereum

The authors chose Ethereum as the main currency for the cryptograph, as it has “the largest community of developers of decentralized applications.”

Also during the development, special attention was paid to feedback with developers of decentralized applications. So, according to Hamel, the cryptographs are compatible with almost all such applications.

The update at the moment affected only a mobile browser. In 2019, similar functions will appear in its fixed version for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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